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The universal gaming token

$IMX token hovering above the Immutable icon

Gaming is inevitable. It’s a massive global economy with billions of players. $IMX is the easiest way to get involved.

$IMX Utility

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Transaction Fees

20% of the protocol fee on every transaction on the Immutable Protocol must be paid in $IMX. If one does not currently own $IMX, the fee will be converted into $IMX through purchases on the open market (preserving a seamless user experience)

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The 20% of protocol fees paid in $IMX are reserved for rewards for active ecosystem participants.  By staking your $IMX and engaging in pro-network activity you're eligible for staking rewards.

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Use your $IMX to vote on the future of the ecosystem. Proposals will be published on Snapshot, and will relate to the future development and expansion of the protocol.

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IMX as gas

$IMX will be used as the core gas currency for Immutable zkEVM, becoming the native network token and closely aligning platform success to the $IMX holder.

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Full Vesting Schedule (Nov 2021 to Oct 2025)

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