Token Allocation

Chart showing $IMX token allocation
51.72% Ecosystem Development
User daily rewards e.g. staking
Developer grants
Liquidity provision
25% Project Development
13.86% Private Sale
Institutional investors
Individual investors
4% Foundation Reserve
Liquidity reserves for token health
5.42% Public Sale

$IMX Utility

Transaction icon
Transaction Fees

20% of the protocol fee on every transaction on the Immutable Protocol must be paid in $IMX. If one does not currently own $IMX, the fee will be converted into $IMX through purchases on the open market (preserving a seamless user experience)

Staking icon

The 20% of protocol fees paid in $IMX are reserved for rewards for active ecosystem participants.  By staking your $IMX and engaging in pro-network activity you're eligible for staking rewards.

Governance icon

Use your $IMX to vote on the future of the ecosystem. Proposals will be published on Snapshot, and will relate to the future development and expansion of the protocol.

$IMX icon
IMX as gas

$IMX will be used as the core gas currency for Immutable zkEVM, becoming the native network token and closely aligning platform success to the $IMX holder.

Token Unlocks

Purpose Allocation (%) Token Allocation Unlock Summary Unlock cliff Unlock Frequency Unlock Periods Unlocks End
Ecosystem Development 51.72% 1,034,461,000 Reducing unlock rate over 4 years
Y1: 40%
Y2: 30%
Y3: 20%
Y4: 10%
None 28 days 52 31 October 2025
Project Development 25% 500,000,000 1 years cliff, 4 years unlock, 28 day unlock intervals, 52 unlocks
1 year
28 days 52 31 October 2025
Public Sale 13.86% 277,139,000 2,5 years unlock (28 days months), 32 unlock periods. 1 year cliff 1 year 28 days 32 19 April 2024
Private Sale 5.42% 108,400,000 Two tranches: 2.94% with 3 months unlock, 2.48% with 6 month unlock None 28 days 3 and 6 28 January 2022
Foundation 4% 80,000,000 Unlocked Immediately at TGE None 28 days 1 05 November 2021
  100% 2,000,000,000